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2L Cathleen Whitaker discusses her externship with St. Francis Health Systems

1. How did you benefit from your externship, including the practical legal setting, course component and/or program overall?

I benefitted immensely from my externship. Through my externship I became acquainted with many different areas of the law. For example, I worked on issues involving health law, property law, employment law, and corporate law. I was also able to reinforce and improve my legal writing skills.

2. How did the experience help prepare you for the professional world?

My experience in my externship prepared me for the professional world by giving me confidence. Before I started my externship I had very little experience working within the legal realm. As a result, I was self-conscious and afraid I would have no idea what to do. However, through various critiques, reviews, and feedback from my externship Supervisor, I learned how to effectively and efficiently tackle new problems, which in turn gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in the legal working world.

3. What advice or further information would you give a student who is considering an externship?

Before I started my externship at St. Francis I had absolutely no idea what type of law I wanted to practice when I graduated. Through my externship however I learned that I love health law and corporate law and hope to practice law someday in a corporate setting. The externship program allows you to explore and “test out” different possible career paths, and is a great tool to help you determine what type of law you want to practice after graduation.