3L Preston Brasch interns at the Harvard Immigration Clinic - College of Law

3L Preston Brasch interns at the Harvard Immigration Clinic

Preston Brasch, a 3L at The University of Tulsa College of Law, spent his summer working an externship at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (HRIC). There he drew the attention of the program’s leaders who offered high praise about the quality of his work and his training at TU Law.

Brasch worked on cases involving direct representation of individuals from around the world who were seeking asylum and other humanitarian protections. He also worked on appellate and policy advocacy. The HIRC, in partnership with Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), has worked with immigrants and refugees since its founding in 1984. “While at Harvard, I met extensively with clients who had fled persecution. I spent much of my summer preparing their asylum claims, assisting with research, drafting court filings and securing expert testimony,” said Brasch.

“Learning about my clients’ lives was a humbling experience – I felt a sense of responsibility to serve them well, knowing how much trust they gave the clinic. In many cases, their lives depended on us effectively advocating on their behalf because if forced to return to their home countries, there was a great chance they would face serious harm,” said Brasch.

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such meaningful work, and I am thankful to The University of Tulsa and Professors Elizabeth McCormick and Anna Carpenter for their help in making it possible.”

The managing attorney of the HRIC is Phil Torrey who speaks very highly of his TU Law intern with regards to the legal training Brasch has received at TU stating that, “Brasch was more like a colleague than a student.” Sabi Ardalan, assistant director of the HRIC said, “We were very grateful to have Preston Brasch as a part of our legal clinic in the summer of 2017. He did incredible work researching and writing, meeting with clients and preparing case filings. TU Law clearly prepared him very well for this summer externship.”


Recently, Brasch was selected as a member of the 2017-18 student advisory committee for the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT). SALT is a community of progressive law teachers, law school administrators, librarians, academic support experts, students, and affiliates who work to improve the legal profession and expand the power of law to under-served communities. SALT engages in work within and beyond the law school to advance social justice.

Just this last year, Brasch coauthored a report on housing inequality in Tulsa which currently is used by the Mayor’s office. He also interned at the Oklahoma Policy Institute think-tank. Brasch has also worked as a research assistant for Professor Elizabeth McCormick, research assistant and intern for a solo practitioner with offices in Oklahoma City and Dallas, and as an extern for an immigration barrister in Dublin, Ireland.

He serves as a 3L delegate for the Student Bar Association, a Notes and Comments editor for the Energy Law Journal, and a student ambassador for the Admissions Office. He is an Equal Justice Works Americorp J.D. Alumnus, the former president of OUTLaws (2016-17), and served as a 2L delegate for the Student Bar Association.

“I chose TU Law because I wanted to affect social change. The Access to Legal Education Tuition Program made it possible to get a quality education without accruing a mountain of debt, meaning I have the flexibility to pursue jobs that are a good fit, rather than just the highest paying option,” said Brasch. Learn more about how to apply at The University of Tulsa Law School.