Class Profile

Total Enrollment

270 JD students
Typical enrollment 1L class size: 83-110
Fall and spring start

Total Student Body Demographics

Overall percentage of minority students: 20%
Overall percentage of Women: 47% / Men 53%
Average Age: 27

Classroom Instruction

Faculty: 29 full-time and 8 adjunct
Student-to-Professor ratio: 9.8 to 1
Largest class size: 44-58
Smallest class size: 8-12
First-year class size: First-year classes designed for as few as 15 and no more than 50 students
First-year sections: The enrolled first year class is divided into two or
three class sections. Depending upon the overall size of the class, the size
of an individual section will range from 32-50 students.

Student Life

Total number of clubs & organizations: 31

Incoming 1L Class

The University of Tulsa College of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar (address: 321 North Clark Street, 21st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60654 / Phone: 312-988-6738 / Email: / since 1953. Pursuant to ABA Standard 509 which requires a law school to publicly disclose on its website certain designated consumer information, please see below.

See ABA Standard 509 Report

Total number applications received = 776
Total number of completed, unduplicated 1L JD applications: 607
Total number of admitted applicants: 240
Acceptance rate: 38%
Matriculated: 90*

LSAT Score Undergraduate GPA Median LSAT score: 155 Median UGPA: 3.40
Average LSAT: 155 Average GPA: 3.38
75th % = 157 75th % = 3.65
50th % = 155 50th % = 3.40
25th % = 151 25th % = 3.11

* The above data is current as of November 1, 2016. The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) calculates and certifies matriculant data in the fall semester. For the final 2017 entering class profile, please consult this site again after October, 2017.

Women/Minority Enrollment

  • 43% women
  • 31% minority

Geographic Enrollment

  • Percentage recruited from outside of Oklahoma (state of perm residence): 38% Percentage from Oklahoma: 62%
  • Number of majors represented: 38
  • Number of schools represented: 42
  • Average Age: 26.93
  • Percentage of Students age 26 and up: 38%
  • First generation college: 27%

Sampling of undergraduate institutions represented in the 2016 entering class:
Abilene Christian University
American University
Arkansas State University
Baylor University
Boston University
Colorado State University
Columbia College-Mo
Emporia State University
Florida State University
Houghton College
Kansas State University
Loyola University-Chicago
Mississippi State University
Northeastern State University
Oklahoma Baptist University
Oklahoma Christian University
Oklahoma City University
Oklahoma State University-Stillwater
Oral Roberts University
Pepperdine University-Malibu
Syracuse University
Tennessee Technological University
Texas A & M University – College Station
Texas Tech University
University Of Arizona
University Of Arkansas-Fayetteville
University Of Central Oklahoma
University Of Colorado-Boulder
University Of Idaho
University Of Kansas
University Of Missouri-Columbia
University Of Missouri-Saint Louis
University Of New Mexico
University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
University Of North Texas
University Of Oklahoma
University Of Tulsa
University Of Utah
Ursinus College
Valdosta State University
Zhenghou University