Notable Alumni - College of Law

Notable Alumni

TU College of Law celebrates the professional accomplishments and milestones of the alumni community, more than 6,000 strong. Here are just a few notable stars among the alumni family.

The Honorable John Reif (BA ’73, JD ’78)

Supreme Court Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court

Angie Beehler (JD ’94)

Senior Director of Energy Regulation and Legislation, Walmart Stores, Inc., Bentonville, Arkansas

William Andrew “Drew” Edmonson (JD ’78)

Former Oklahoma Attorney General

The Honorable Carlos Chappelle (JD ’81)

Former District Judge of the District Court of Tulsa County

The Honorable Daniel J. Boudreau (JD ’76)

Former Supreme Court Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court

Danny Williams (JD ’91)

United States Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma

The Honorable John Dowdell (JD ’81)

United States District Judge for the Northern District of Oklahoma

The Honorable Millie Otey (JD ’79)

Special Judge of the District Court of Tulsa County

The Honorable Layn Phillips (BS ’74, JD ’77)

Former Unites States District Court Judge for the Western District of Oklahoma

Jodie Justiss (JD ’98)

Director of Corporate Counsel, The Coleman Company, Wichita, Kansas

Frank X. “Frazier” Henke (JD ’03)

President and CEO, American Bank and Trust Company

The Honorable Jon Comstock (JD ’76)

Former Circuit Court Judge, 19th Judicial District West – Division II, Bentonville, Arkansas

J. Scott Dickman (BA ’86, JD ’92)

CEO, Oracle Packaging Company

The Honorable David Levy (JD ’68)

Retired Senior Judge; Director of Professionalism, St. Thomas University School of Law, Miami, Florida

Lanesha Anderson (JMB ’00)

Vice President and General Counsel, ABM Industries

Gary Barnett (BA ’78, JD ’81)

Partner, Linklaters, LLP; Head of US Structured Finance and Derivatives Practice, New York City, New York

The Honorable Charles Chapel (JD ’68)

Former Judge for the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Telisa Schelin (BA ’95, JD ’98)

Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Behringer Harvard, Dallas, Texas

Curtis Frasier (JD ’82)

Former General Counsel, Upstream Americas; Head of Legal – USA, Shell Oil Companies, Houston, Texas

Douglas May (JD ’95)

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Magellan Midstream Partners

Fern Holland (JD ’96)

United States Agency for International Development, Abuse Prevention Unit (killed in the Iraq conflict, 2003)

The Honorable Charles L. Owens (JD ’60)

Former Oklahoma County District Judge and the first African American judge in Oklahoma

The Honorable Elizabeth Crewson Paris (BS ’80, JD ’87)

Judge at the United States Tax Court

Toni D. Hennike (JD ’81)

Vice President and General Counsel, Hess Corporation, Houston, Texas

The Honorable T. Lane Wilson (JD ’94)

Magistrate Judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma

Shena Burgess (’00)

Former Deputy Chief at Tulsa County Public Defenders

Jim Carrington (JD ’85)

Vice President at Preservation Oklahoma Inc. and Associate General Counsel at Cherokee Nation Business, LLC

Bill Westerman (JD ’79)

Partner at Westeman Hattori Daniels and Adrian LLP

King Fifer (JD ’92)

County Court Judge, Dallas, Texas

The Honorable Clancy Smith (JD ’80)

Judge for the State Court of Criminal Appeals

Marilyn Hughes (JD ’75)

Former Executive Director of the Oklahoma Ethics Commission

Sevier M. “Buddy” Fallis, Jr. (JD ’60)

Former District Attorney for Tulsa County

James O. Goodwin (JD ’65)

Publisher, Oklahoma Eagle Publishing Company

Karen E. “Sunny” Langdon (JD ’85)

Pro Bono Coordinator, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

S. Douglass Dodd (JD ’81)

Partner, Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson LLP

Roy D. Tucker (JD ’03)

City Attorney, Muskogee, Oklahoma