Office of the Dean - College of Law

Office of the Dean

Interim Dean Elizabeth McCormick

Thank you for considering The University of Tulsa College of Law as your academic home. Recent national and global events have reminded me of what an ethically, socially and politically essential profession the practice of law is. As lawyers and future lawyers, we are responsible for protecting and supporting all members of society, particularly people who may be vulnerable to cruelty, violence and injustice.

My colleagues and I take great pride in TU Law’s ability to ensure every student receives the training necessary to fulfill that responsibility. Here, you will find rigorous academic programming, wide-ranging experiential learning, moot court programs and extracurricular opportunities, including participation in a diverse field of student organizations. As the profiles we included in this viewbook attest, over the course of three years these experiences empower people from all walks of life to discern and follow the paths that speak to their unique, personal objectives. Even in your first semester of law school, you will be exposed to legal theory and the important foundations of law. You will also engage in formative experiences and activities that will guide you throughout your journey to become the kind of lawyer you desire to be.

At TU Law, we care deeply about our students’ future success, and we strive to deliver the support they need. Our graduates’ employment is robust: For the Class of 2019, the 10-month job placement rate for full-time, long-term, bar license-required or JD advantage positions was a stellar 88.6%. This outcome reflects our commitment to the professional development and growth of every student. If you become a TU Law student, that unwavering dedication will include you.

One of the things I love most about TU Law is that our school is large enough to offer a broad curriculum, but small enough so that students are able to develop close relationships with each other and receive thoughtful mentoring from faculty and staff. From the beginning of your legal education to the launching of your legal career, TU Law will provide a community of support, academic excellence, creativity and innovation. We are, simply put, committed to you.

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