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Joint Degrees

Joint Degree Programs

JD/MA in Anthropology
JD/MS in Biological Sciences
JD/MA in Clinical Psychology
JD/MS in Computer Science
JD/MA in English
JD/MS in Geosciences
JD/MA in History
JD/MA in Industrial Organization Psychology

A joint degree program is an excellent opportunity for motivated students to simultaneously earn both their law degree and a Master’s degree from TU in less time than it would take to pursue each degree separately. Candidates must be accepted to both the College of Law and the Graduate School independently and satisfy each college’s admission criteria. Once accepted independently to each college, a student’s applications for admission will be reviewed by a joint degree committee consisting of the associate dean for student affairs in the College of Law, the graduate program adviser from the complementary discipline, and the dean of the Graduate School. If the committee determines that a student is qualified to undertake a joint degree, the student will be notified by both colleges of acceptance in to a joint degree program.

The first year of study in a joint degree program is typically in the College of Law. In rare situations where a student takes their first year of study in the complementary discipline, it must be with the approval of the joint degree committee. Subsequent to the first year of study, typically in the College of Law, a student must meet with the associate dean for student affairs in the College of Law and the repective associate dean or chair in the complementary discipline to enroll. Each college will be responsible for ensuring that a student satisfies that college’s graduation requirements, and each joint degree administer will meet with the joint degree administrator of the other colleges annually to determine satisfactory academic progress for a joint degree student.

Graduate Bulletin on Joint-Degree Programs

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