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Who Chooses the MJIL

The Master of Jurisprudence in Indian Law (MJIL) degree program from The University of Tulsa College of Law attracts high-performing students typically from five walks of life:

  1. Tribal leaders and tribal administrators. The men and women in leadership and management roles at tribes, large and small, have a practical perspective on how meaningful it can be to gain a deep level of expertise on Federal Indian law. As students and later as graduates of the MJIL program, they begin making workplace contributions that are measurable and profound.
  1. Emerging professionals seeking an exciting, in-demand career. Many MJIL students have just recently completed their undergraduate studies and are looking to develop their knowledge, skills and connections. For students who majored or minored in disciplines like American Indian Studies, the MJIL program allows them to add practical legal knowledge to their historical and sociological perspectives, thereby opening many avenues for successful careers.
  1. Practicing lawyers whose careers necessitate their investment in an Indian law degree. Lawyers choose the MJIL program because their interests have expanded since they first went into practice. The MJIL is an academic master’s degree program that helps these legal practitioners to become expert practitioners of Indian Law
  1. Mid-career professionals who want to shift gears and get into management or leadership positions. A significant number of MJIL students are professionals who are currently working for tribal, state and federal agencies, and who serve in management and supervisory roles. They want to develop the skills and know-how necessary to promote themselves into upper management and leadership positions. By gaining deep knowledge about Indian law through the MJIL program, they are able to achieve those career goals.

The information and insights offered in the MJIL program are unique and valuable. The program has an unparalleled focus on the protection of Indian sovereignty. Instructors and professors from colleges and universities across the country are choosing to expand their knowledge through the MJIL program. TU Law is the smallest law school in the country, and yet its degree programs continue to produce graduates who serve on academic faculties around the world.

About half of the men and women who choose the MJIL program at TU Law are members of US Indian tribes. Many MJIL students are eligible for scholarship support. Financial Aid is available to qualified students.