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Who Chooses the MJEL

Oil Pumps Blue

The Master of Jurisprudence in Energy Law (MJEL) from The University of Tulsa College of Law attracts exceptional students, typically from four walks of life:

  1. Emerging professionals seeking an exciting, in-demand career. Approximately 30% of MJEL students have just recently completed their undergraduate studies and are looking to develop new knowledge, skills, and connections in the field of energy management.
  2. Practicing lawyers whose careers necessitate their investment in an energy law degree. Lawyers choose the MJEL program because their interests have expanded since they first went into practice. The MJEL is an academic Master’s degree program that allows these legal practitioners to become deep experts in a new area.
  3. Mid-career energy professionals who want to shift gears and get into management. Nearly half of MJEL students are professionals who are actively working in the energy and natural resources industry. They are landmen, analysts, and managers. They want to earn a management or executive-level promotion into leadership positions, or to expand their consulting practices. This program allows them to make huge leaps forward in terms of career advancement. As the world of energy continues to change, many oil/gas experts will transition their area of focus to renewable forms of energy. The MJEL degree will offer new opportunities for students to shift or sharpen their skills for enhanced career security.
  4. Scholars. The information and insights offered in the MJEL program are unique and valuable. In fact, the MJEL is the only online graduate degree program that gives its professional students access to courses like Energy & Indian Land Title. That’s why instructors and professors from colleges and universities across the country are choosing to expand their knowledge through the MJEL program.