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Administration and Staff

Office of the Dean

Lyn Entzeroth, Dean & Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair: 918-631-2400
Barbette Veit, Assistant to the Dean, Manager of Administration: 918-631-5604

Student Affairs

Karen Grundy, Associate Dean for Student Affairs: 918-631-2439
Sara Faith, Assistant Coordinator for Student & Fiscal Affairs: 918-631-3319
Kim Wise, Department Assistant: 918-631-2401


Elizabeth Burden, Director of Development: 918-631-2570


April Fox, Associate Dean, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid: 918-631-2709
Megan Henson, Associate Director of Admissions: 918-631-3124
Eruore Oboh, Admissions Counselor & Diversity Outreach Coordinator: 918-631-5480
Rosemarie Spaulding, Administrative Assistant:  918-631-3163
Janet Johnson, Administrative Coordinator: 918-631-2406

Professional Development

Christy Caves, Associate Dean, Director of Professional Development: 918-631-2429
Rachel Baker, Associate Director of Professional Development: 918-631-2890
Kyla Currie, Department Assistant: 918-631-2430

Academic Affairs

Vicki Limas, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: 918-631-2445
Debra Ricketts, Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs: 918-631-2402


Lauren Donald, Assistant Dean & Director of Externships: 918-631-2890

Study Abroad

Matt Lamkin, Study Abroad Program Director: 918-631-3989

Online Legal Education

Tim L. Thompson, Assistant Dean Online Legal Education: 918-631-3106
Shonday Randall
, Program Director for Online Legal Education: 918-631-3991
Vladimir Merisca, Administrative Coordinator for Online Legal Education: 918-631-3106

Faculty Development

Jamie Lewis, Coordinator for Faculty Development: 918-631-5641
Lisa Abbott, Department Assistant, Faculty Support: 918-631-3537

Fiscal Affairs

Dyan Bramwell, Director of Fiscal Affairs: 918-631-2403

Computing Resources

Shannon Provence, Director of Computing Resources: 918-631-5640
Kim Childers, Application Support Technician: 918-631-3402
Crystal Rutherford, Microcomputer Specialist: 918-631-3541

Mabee Legal Information Center (MLIC)

Daniel Bell, Director of the MLIC: 918-631-5627
Megan Donald, Access Services and Reference Law Librarian: 918-631-3542
Richard Todd, Technical Services/Interlibrary Loan Librarian: 918-631-5608
Susan Julian, Library Acquisitions / Technical Services and Stacks Maintenance Manager: 918-631-3703
Sarah Terauchi, Serials Coordinator/Processor: 918-631-5605

Boesche Legal Clinic

Main: 918-631-5799, 1-800-438-5909
Elizabeth McCormick, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Director of the Clinical Education Program: 918-631-5799
Anna Carpenter, Director of the Lobeck Taylor Community Advocacy Clinic: 918-631-5860
Miriam H. Marton, Director of the Tulsa Immigrants Resources Network: 918-631-5799
Robin Sherman, Clinic Legal Fellow: 918-631-5799
Cynthia Yaschine de Kohler, Clinic Coordinator: 918-631-5799
Genesis Garcia, Clinic Department Assistant: 918-631-5799

Media Contact

To request an interview with the dean or member of the TU Law faculty, please contact Gail Ellis at 918-631-3730.

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