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Transfer Applicants

Students who wish to transfer to The University of Tulsa College of Law must complete the following in the application process:

  1. Submit an application for admission and a personal statement to TU Law via (Check the transfer box on the application.)
  2. Reactivate CAS account with LSAC.
  3. Arrange to have two letters of recommendation submitted. (Letters of recommendation must be submitted through LSAC.)
  4. Submit a statement that explains a reason for the transfer request.
  5. Arrange for the dean of current law school to send a letter of good standing to the TU Law Office of Admissions. This letter should also include class rank.
  6. Arrange for current law school to send an official transcript reflecting a full year formal matriculation. If an applicant has completed only one semester, a conditional decision will be made based upon hours completed. Acceptance will be contingent upon receipt of a transcript reflecting all matriculation including the second semester.
  7. A second letter of good standing will need to be sent when the final transcript is sent.

Specific policies regarding transfer applications may be found in
 The University of Tulsa College of Law Handbook.

Transfer of Grades and Credits

Admission with Advanced Standing

The Admission and Financial Aid Committee, in its discretion, may admit a transfer student with advanced standing subject to the following:

  1. The dean of the law school from which the transfer is sought shall certify in writing the applicant’s good standing and the unconditional eligibility to re-enroll.
  2. The academic credit to be transferred shall have been earned in a law school that is approved or provisionally approved by the American Bar Association.
  3. The applicant shall meet all admission standards of TU College of Law and shall comply with the procedures for admission.
  4. A transfer with advanced standing shall be denied if no transferable law school credits were earned within a period of three years prior to the semester or summer session for which admission is sought.