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My summer internship in NYC

By Murphy Mitchell           Over the summer, I had the privilege of continuing my public service endeavors through an internship with Brooklyn Defender Services in New York. With an annual client base totaling nearly 40,000 indigent people,... MORE

A Nontraditional Student Perspective

By Cordal Cephas My last day of work was one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had. After working for one company for the past fourteen years it was suddenly time to drop off company credit card, turn... MORE

My Internship at the Harvard Immigration Clinic

        By 3L Preston Brasch This past summer, I worked as a legal intern at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC) at Harvard Law School. This experience gave me an opportunity to help people in need... MORE

Reflections on Dublin Study Abroad

By Meghan Drake I’m sure you’ve got your law school mental checklist: the books, classes, outlines, summer clerkships, and study groups. Did study abroad ever cross your mind? Probably not, but there is a hidden gem at the University of Tulsa... MORE

The Law School Elixir

Ahhhh…..….sniff, sniff…….…the wonderful aroma of THE law school elixir. That magical potion – that dark concoction that helps keep law students awake during the year. As you walk the halls of TU College of Law, you will see many students... MORE

TU Law moot court is now in session

A courtroom is an intense and intimidating environment for everyone involved. For lawyers, the weight of the world seems to rest on their shoulders as they represent their clients knowing the outcome will impact their lives. For law school students,... MORE

To the Classroom and Beyond

To the Classroom and Beyond Adrian Ordoñez is a current 3L from El Paso, TX. He attended Pepperdine University, where he majored in Business Administration and Political Science. Prior to coming to TU, he spent three years living and working... MORE

Tipping the Scales

By Kelsey It seems “work/life balance” has become the catch phrase for both lawyers and law students. It’s no secret—law school demands a great deal of time for success, and prepares aspiring lawyers for similar demands in practice. Some of... MORE

An Experiential Edge

By Kelsey The University of Tulsa College of Law prides itself on its experiential learning and clinical opportunities for its students. Currently, TU Law offers over 150 externship placements with local, regional, and national law firms, judges, corporations, and government... MORE

Tulsa, A Wonderful City to Live and Learn

By Amy       When you choose a law school, you’re also choosing a place to call home for the next three years. Academic programs, student organizations, and experiential learning opportunities are all important factors in your law school... MORE

Legal Clinic Experience

By Mark For me, my law school search wasn’t just about finding a place where I thought I could be comfortable in the classroom because I knew I wanted to have the experience of working in a legal clinic while... MORE

Studying For Finals

By Mark Perhaps the greatest academic adjustment for many law students is the idea of your entire grade being dependent upon a final exam.  While it’s not completely uncommon here at TU for a professor to give a midterm and... MORE

Signing off from law school

By Karla A little over a month left until I graduate from law school! It didn’t quite click until a friend of mine was asking for advice on which classes he should take next semester. I looked at the Spring... MORE

Law school is about learning to think like a lawyer

By Mark As a prospective law student, it’s likely that you’ve already had a few people share the above sentiment when you’ve mentioned to friends or family that you’re considering a legal education.  If you haven’t yet, rest assured you... MORE

Maintaining a social life during law school

By Cassia Even though as a law student you are extremely business with schoolwork, it is important to take time enjoy yourself, whether that’s spending time with family and friends, exercising, playing sports, reading, painting, singing, gardening, or anything else... MORE

Coming to Tulsa

By Mark Being a Kansas native, my law school search began with somewhat of a personal presumption I would end up attending one of the two law schools in my home state.  Nonetheless, I wanted to expand my search just... MORE