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Admission – Juris Doctor Program

All applicants are required to apply online via the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). A non-refundable application fee of $30 must accompany all applications for admission to TU College of Law unless a fee waiver has been previously granted.

Applying to law school – a quick guide

Applying to law school may seem overwhelming at first. But it’s also not the monster you might have anticipated it to be!

For applicants to ABA-accredited JD programs in the United States, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is the central service through which applications are made.

Here are the main steps:

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You might find it helpful to review this handy LSAC checklist, which lays out the process in more detail. This LSAC video also really helps to demystify the process. For questions regarding your CAS report, call 215-968-1001.

Good luck in your search for the law school that fits you best.

And remember: We are here to help you along the way. Just send us a note at or give us a call at 918-631-2406. We would love to speak with you and, if you come to Tulsa, show you around our beautiful law school.

Military Training transcript

If you received military training, you must submit a Military Training transcript to The University Registrar, 800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189.

What is taken into account for law school admission and scholarship consideration?

  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA
  • LSAT score
  • Character and fitness
  • Personal Statement (submitted with application)
  • Two recommendation letters (submitted to CAS)

Other factors may include, but are not limited to, writing ability, the seriousness of purpose regarding the pursuit of a law degree, employment history, capacity for leadership, maturity, obstacles overcome, discipline, passion for law and service within the community or within the campus community.

  • Application Checklist
  • Check Application Status

    Thank you for applying to The University of Tulsa College of Law. Please monitor the status of your application through LSAC website.

    Check your application status

  • Re-Applicants

    Students who have been denied acceptance to TU College of Law and who wish to reapply, in addition to submitting a new application and CAS report, must attach a written statement to their new application which describes what steps the applicant has taken to improve their qualifications for admission. If it has been determined by a TU College of Law admission officer that one of the reasons for denial was a low LSAT, the applicant must have retaken the LSAT and shown an increase in score.

    Please note that all steps that were taken in the original application must be repeated. Therefore, a new CAS report and application are necessary.

    Any previously denied applicant is welcome to contact an admissions counselor at to discuss the reason for denial.

    Submit written statements to:
    The University of Tulsa College of Law
    Office of Admissions
    3120 East Fourth Place
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

  • Transfer Applicants

    Students who wish to transfer to The University of Tulsa College of Law must complete the following in the application process:

    1. Submit an application for admission and a personal statement to TU Law via (Check the transfer box on the application.)
    2. Reactivate CAS account with LSAC.
    3. Arrange to have two letters of recommendation submitted through LSAC.
    4. Submit a statement that explains a reason for the transfer request.
    5. Arrange for the dean of current law school to send a letter of good standing to the TU Law Office of Admissions. This letter should also include class rank.
    6. Arrange for current law school to send an official transcript reflecting a full year formal matriculation. If an applicant has completed only one semester, a conditional decision will be made based upon hours completed. Acceptance will be contingent upon receipt of a transcript reflecting all matriculation including the second semester.
    7. A second letter of good standing will need to be sent when the final transcript is sent.

    Specific policies regarding transfer applications may be found in The University of Tulsa College of Law Handbook.

    Transfer of Grades and Credits

    Admission with Advanced Standing

    The Admission and Financial Aid Committee, in its discretion, may admit a transfer student with advanced standing subject to the following:

    1. The dean of the law school from which the transfer is sought shall certify in writing the applicant’s good standing and the unconditional eligibility to re-enroll.
    2. The academic credit to be transferred shall have been earned in a law school that is approved or provisionally approved by the American Bar Association.
    3. The applicant shall meet all admission standards of TU College of Law and shall comply with the procedures for admission.
    4. A transfer with advanced standing shall be denied if no transferable law school credits were earned within a period of three years prior to the semester or summer session for which admission is sought.
  • Applicants with Online Degrees

    In addition to completing the general requirements for admission, applicants who have earned undergraduate degrees from online colleges or universities must provide written documentation from their undergraduate institution that the college or university is regionally or state accredited. The applicant must also provide written documentation that the online degree or program of study is regionally accredited.

  • International Applicants

    In addition to completing the general requirements for admission, applicants who have earned undergraduate degrees from institutions outside the United States or Canada must have their transcripts evaluated through the LSAC JD Credential Assembly Service. This service is included in the CAS subscription fee and the evaluation will be incorporated into the CAS report.

    TU College Law accepts score reports for either TOEFL or IELTS exams. The Credential Assembly Service also includes a report of your English Proficiency score as a convenience for you. LSAC accepts score reports for either TOEFL or IELTS exams and will include your scores in your credential report when LSAC receives an official score report from the testing service.

    To have your IELTS score sent, you must request that your official score report be sent to LSAC for electronic download using the IELTS system to Law School Admission Council LLM/JD Credential Assembly Svc. LSAC cannot accept paper copies of scores.

    Minimum overall IELTS score required to be considered for admission: IELTS 6.5.

    To submit a TOEFL score, you must contact the Education Testing Service (ETS) and request that your TOEFL score be sent to LSAC. The LSAC TOEFL code for the Credential Assembly Service is 0058. This score will also be incorporated in your CAS report.

    Minimum overall TOEFL score required to be considered for admission:
    Internet-Based Total: 90
    Computer-Based Total: 233
    Paper-Based Total: 570

    Financial responsibility must be attested to in accordance with current cost estimates. Please complete the Confirmation of Financial Resources form. Alternatively, if an applicant wishes, he/she may provide a bank statement instead of the official CFR form as long as the bank statement is in English and the name of the person who has the account is listed on the form and it shows the banks name. If choosing this method and the account is not their own, they need to put in writing how this person is related to them.

    Applicants may also obtain a letter from their bank that states that they have at least the needed amount. The letter must be signed by a bank official and be on bank letterhead. If an applicant is to be funded through an outside scholarship or corporate sponsor, he/she needs to provide an official letter stating exactly what is to be covered and a dollar amount.

    For information about our international student community or questions about immigration and visas, please visit the Office of International Student Services.

  • Summer Start Program

    Summer Start is a great way to get a jump-start on your law school journey. By securing a seat in our summer class, participating first-year students have the option to continue to accelerate or alternatively, lighten their course load during the fall 1L semester. Summer 1L enrollment consists of one four credit hour substantive first-year law class. Successful completion of Contracts summer means that you will not take this class in the fall semester of the 1L year.

    For those who have scholarship, one-twelfth of your overall scholarship package may be allocated toward summer law school tuition. However, please note that in order for financial aid (loans) to cover any portion of summer school tuition, students must be enrolled in a minimum if six summer credit hours. Information about how to enroll in an optional 2 credit hour elective will be made available to admitted summer applicants in the spring. Successful completion of the summer Contracts course plus the additional two credit hour elective will result in summer 1Ls earning a total of six credit hours toward the 88 required for the JD degree.

    Those who elect to start law school in the summer will automatically be enrolled for fall courses totaling 11 credit hours. If you wish to enroll in an additional elective course in fall of 1L year to replace the contracts course already completed, that opportunity will be provided during the summer Foundations of Legal Study (FLS) orientation.

    All first-year law students who intend to begin law school in summer will begin enrolling in late May. At the time of summer enrollment, you will need to know whether you intend to take four (4) credit hours (Contracts only) or six (6) credit hours (Contract plus an optional two(2)-credit hour elective) during the summer.

  • Office of Admissions Staff

    April M. Fox, Esq.
    Associate Dean, Director of Admissions

    Megan Henson, J.D.
    Senior Associate Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

    Lisa Abbott
    Administrative Coordinator for Law Admissions