Former police officer earning law degree - College of Law

Former police officer earning law degree

Stephanie Jackson received her first introduction to The University of Tulsa College of Law through her work as a police sergeant and detective supervisor at the Tulsa Police Department. “As the sergeant appointed to sign on immigration cases, I worked closely with TU’s immigration clinic and learned how I was affecting people’s lives,” said Jackson.

Before retiring from the police force, Jackson chose to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney on a part-time basis which ultimately grew to attending school full-time. “TU was my one and only choice for law school after working with the wonderful team at the immigration clinic,” said Jackson. “I plan to go into solo practice and hang my own shingle after graduating next year. My focus is on real estate and property law including wills, deeds, and estate planning.”

This summer, Jackson will work in Dublin, Ireland as a part of TU Law’s Study Abroad program. Upon her return, she will participate in the law school’s solo practice clinic which will allow her to represent clients and begin to build a practice.

When asked about attending law school as a person who had a 20-year career in the police force, Jackson said, “At TU, there is a vast array of age ranges and backgrounds. I never felt older than the others. If I can do it and still run a full violent crime unit and be successful, anyone can do it. Reach out and get your dream.”