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Exchange Program

TU Law students studying at UCD

Since 1999, University College Dublin (UCD) has welcomed TU Law students each summer to the Belfield campus for TU’s summer program in European and International Law. UCD law students have participated in various courses in that program since 2012. The success of that initiative led TU and UCD to create an exchange program, through which UCD third or fourth year undergradutate law students or graduate law students may attend TU during the academic year, and TU Law students may participate in a similar exchange at UCD.

The exchange program offers TU Law students the opportunity to take advantage of expanded curricular opportunities available from the UCD Sutherland School of Law, particularly in the fields of:

  • European Union Law
  • International Human Rights
  • International Intellectual Property and Information Technology
  • International Commercial Law
  • Criminal Justice

As the leading law school in the Republic of Ireland and one of the top 100 law schools in the world, UCD also provides an excellent opportunity for the comparative study of Irish law.

The exchange program provides TU students with the possibility of completing a portion of the coursework necessary to obtain an LL.M. from UCD during the exchange semester.

For information about eligibility, the application process, course selection, credit, and policies, please see Appendix L of the TU Law Policies and Regulations. Contact Associate Professor Matt Lamkin for additional details at

UCD students studying at TU Law

The University of Tulsa welcomed UCD law students to study on the Tulsa campus in the Spring of 2016 and 2017, and looks forward to many more UCD students studying at TU College of Law in future years.

Why participate in the exchange program?

TU Law offers the opportunity to study law in small classes and a friendly environment with significant faculty and peer interaction both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to an excellent general curriculum, both the TU College of Law and the TU Collins College of Business offer specializations in energy and natural resources, with a wide array of courses in the fields of oil and gas law, energy policy, environmental law, and energy management, in conjunction with TU’s Sustainable Energy and Resources Law (SERL) programHealth law is also an area of curricular strength.

TU College of Law offers extensive opportunities for skills training and practical experience, including two live-client clinics; a broad array of judicial and legal externships in court, non-profit, government, corporate, medium- and small-firm settings; a criminal defense practicum; a wide array of skills courses; the integration of skills training into many of our doctrinal classes; and Board of Advocate teams who successfully compete at the regional and national level in moot court competitions.

The University of Tulsa is a highly ranked institution with more than 4,500 students and five colleges. Approximately one-fourth of the student body are international students from more than 60 nations. UCD exchange students will be eligible to take courses in any of the five Colleges (Law, Business, Engineering, Health, and Arts and Sciences), although it is anticipated that most of their courses will be at the TU College of Law or TU Collins College of Business.

The University of Tulsa has a well-developed exchange program that offers special services and many cultural and social programs through its Center for Global Education (CGE) to its 20+ exchange students each semester. UCD exchange students in the College of Law will have academic counseling and an array of social opportunities within the College of Law and will also be invited to participate in all of the services and programs available through CGE in the university-wide exchange program.


UCD students who wish to study at TU through the exchange program must be:

  • A law student in the third or fourth year of the student’s undergraduate studies or a graduate LLM student in the UCD School of Law
  • In good academic and disciplinary standing at UCD
  • Nominated to participate in the exchange program through UCD’s internal selection process for exchange students

Application Process

Associate Professor Matt Lamkin, Director of Study Abroad at TU College of Law, receives the nominated student’s information from the Law Exchange Program Coordinator at UCD. Nominated UCD students will be contacted by the TU Center for Global Education. CGE will send detailed instructions regarding how to submit a formal online application. UCD students whose native language is English or who have successfully completed at least a year of academic study in law at UCD will not be required to submit TOEFL or IELTS to prove English proficiency.

As part of the formal application process, students will be required to submit:

  • Official UCD transcript or equivalent academic records
  • A Letter of Motivation/Statement of Interest
  • A clear copy or scan of current passport

Confirmation of Financial Resources  (This is required by US law to qualify for a student visa, and must show financial support in the amount of Tulsa’s Estimated Living Expenses for each semester at TU and contain original signatures and a bank’s official stamp.)


Fall Semester or Full Year:
Nomination Deadline: May 1
Application Deadline: May 1 (preferable)*; May 30 (final deadline)

Spring Semester Only:
Nomination Deadline: October 15
Application Deadline: October 1 (preferable)*; October 31 (final deadline)

*The general application deadlines for TU’s University-wide exchange program are October 1 for a January start and May 1 for an August start. These deadlines have been extended as indicated above to accommodate UCD’s nomination timetable. However, application at the earliest date possible is preferable to facilitate a successful visa application and on-campus housing application.