Hager and Seymour Lectures in the Digital Commons - College of Law

Hager and Seymour Lectures in the Digital Commons

Two of TU Law’s signature lecture series were held recently and are now available at our Digital Commons site. This site contains the majority of speeches and lectures delivered at TU Law in the past decade.

Prof. Marin K. Levy delivered the 8th annual Seymour lecture on the importance and substantive effects of judicial administration. The Stephanie K. Seymour Lecture series was established by more than 50 of Seymour’s previous law clerks to celebrate her career and honor her legacy, which includes a commitment to providing opportunity for the best and brightest law graduates. The lecture series features non-tenured law professors whose dedication and passion emulate that of Judge Seymour.

Lincoln Caplan delivered the 19th annual Hager lecture on the effects of funding on state courts on the administration of justice. The John W. Hager Distinguished Lecture in Law is an annual event held in memory of former TU law professor John W. Hager to bring eminent professionals to the Tulsa legal community to share their ideas on law and justice. Hager served on the TU Law faculty for more the 40 years and is still remembered at the law school as the “King of Torts.” More about Prof. Hager’s life and impact can be found in the memorial issue of the Tulsa Law Review.