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My Internship at the Harvard Immigration Clinic





By 3L Preston Brasch

This past summer, I worked as a legal intern at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC) at Harvard Law School. This experience gave me an opportunity to help people in need of legal services, while forging new friendships in the legal profession.

Without TU’s dedicated faculty and staff, I doubt this opportunity would have been possible. First, Professor Elizabeth McCormick sent me the job description and encouraged me to apply. Then, she and Professor Carpenter served as my references. TU’s intimate learning environment allowed me to get to know both professors well enough that they could speak at length about me.

Working at HIRC was absolutely incredible. I had the opportunity to get hands on experience, apply the research and writing skills I learned at TU and, most importantly, help people in need of legal assistance. My supervisors at HIRC involved me in case strategy meetings, preparing court filings, securing country conditions experts, conducting country conditions research, and interviewing clients.

I had the opportunity to work on issues surrounding sanctuary and what that entails, analyzing situations when individuals are compelled to do so. I looked at the benefits and risks of taking such measures and worked on a case involving a young mother of two who feared being harmed in her home country. She had previously been too afraid to present her story to the immigration court and sought our services to help her present her case.

Being a lawyer is so much different than the media portrays. At its core, this profession is about helping people. This summer, I got to do just that. I got to help people get a fair shot at securing the protections our country promises, and I am so excited to be in a profession that values giving people a chance at a better life.