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Summer Start


Summer Start is a great way to get a jump-start on your law school journey. By securing a seat in our summer class, participating first-year students have the option to continue to accelerate or alternatively, lighten their course load during the fall 1L semester. Summer 1L enrollment consists of one four credit hour substantive first-year law class (for 2018, this class will be Contracts). Successful completion of Contracts this summer means that you will not take this class in the fall semester of the 1L year.

For those who have scholarship, one-twelfth of your overall scholarship package may be allocated toward summer 2018 law school tuition. However, please note that in order for financial aid (loans) to cover any portion of summer school tuition, students must be enrolled in a minimum if six summer credit hours. Information about how to enroll in an optional 2 credit hour elective will be made available to admitted summer applicants in the spring. Successful completion of the summer Contracts course plus the additional two credit hour elective will result in summer 1Ls earning a total of six credit hours toward the 88 required for the J.D. degree.

Those who elect to start law school in summer 2018 will automatically be enrolled for fall 2018 courses totaling 11 credit hours. If you wish to enroll in an additional elective course in fall of 1L year to replace the contracts course already completed, that opportunity will be provided during the summer Foundations of Legal Study (FLS) orientation beginning July 2nd 2018.

All 2018 first-year law students who intend to begin law school in summer will begin enrolling in late April. At the time of summer enrollment, you will need to know whether you intend to take 4 credit hours (Contracts only) or 6 credit hours (Contract plus an optional two-credit hour elective) during the summer of 2018.


Refund Policy – If you enroll for summer 2018, classes begin on July 2nd. The University refund policy is very strict when it comes to summer school so if you enroll and then change your mind about beginning on July 2nd it is critical that you withdraw by July 1. If you do not do this, you will be charged summer school tuition regardless of whether you attend class.

Student Loans – For those taking out student loans, the amount you borrow in the summer will reduce the amount you have available to borrow from the UNUSB (unsubsidized Stafford loan) in the fall of 2018. This will result in your credit-based loan offer being increased for the fall of 2018. Therefore, when planning your budget it is critical that you consider what expenses you will have through the end of the fall 2018 semester. Otherwise, you may not have enough money to sustain you through the end of 2018 if you don’t plan on borrowing from the credit-based loan.

On-campus Housing Option – Incoming summer 1L students are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. For questions about student housing please call 918-631-5248.

Student Health Insurance Option – Student health insurance is available for those who begin law school this summer. For information about student health insurance please contact Kelly Hinkle at 918-949-7609.

Academic Status – Summer 1Ls who take six credit hours in the summer and elect to enroll in and complete more than 11 credit hours in the fall will be reviewed for academic status at the end of the fall semester to confirm that good standing of 2.0 cumulative GPA is maintained.

Scholarship – Summer 1Ls who have been awarded a scholarship may use up to one-twelfth of their total scholarship award for the summer of 2018. Doing so will leave up to one-twelfth of the total scholarship awarded for use within a future summer session. Each summer semester at the College of Law is composed of two summer sessions. Please note that scholarship recipients are not required to allocate a portion of their overall scholarship to summer session but are welcomed to do so.

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