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University of Tulsa College of Law student working as an intern at the Tulsa County Public Defender's Office

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Boesche Legal Clinic

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Monday – Friday | 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Clinical Education Program

The Clinical Education Program at the TU College of Law prepares students for the practice of law through a combination of real-world experience, intensive supervision and dynamic seminars. The TU College of Law Legal Clinic, housed in the Boesche Legal Clinic across the street from the College of Law, functions as a law firm. Through participation in the Buck Colbert Franklin Legal Clinic, the Immigrant Rights Project, the Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network, the Terry West Civil Legal Clinic and the Public Defender Clinic, students experience the formation and development of the attorney-client relationship and accompanying professional obligations through direct representation of clients as they begin to develop their professional advocacy skills. Our clinical programs offer opportunities for students to appear in court, represent immigrants seeking legal status, learn how to run a law firm, represent organizations and advocate for systemic change.

Professor McCormick and students in the Boesche Legal Clinic

Clinic students also provide essential legal services to underserved individuals and communities. By engaging in public interest legal practice, clinic students have the opportunity to critically reflect on the justice system, and their role in it, in the context of their development as lawyers. Many students find that a clinic experience is the most valuable, rewarding and challenging aspect of their legal education. The faculty-to-student ratio in clinical courses is extremely low (typically a clinical faculty member teaches no more than 8 students) in order to ensure students receive an intense and enriching experience.