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Miriam H. Marton

Director, Clinical Education Program
Associate Dean of Experiential Learning
Associate Professor of Law

Prof. Marton is the associate dean of experiential learning and the director of TU Law’s clinical education program. Marton joined the TU Law faculty in July 2014. Her expertise and scholarly work is the intersection between the law and mental health of all parties in immigration proceedings — clients, attorneys or law students, adjudicators and government attorneys — and the impact that intersection can have on legal proceedings. Marton currently teaches the Immigrant Rights Project and founded the Solo Practice Clinic, which she now teaches as a law practice management course each summer with students then enrolling in a clinic of their choice. In Marton’s clinics, students develop lawyering skills in addition to understanding the systems in which lawyers work and the impact of those systems on the marginalized populations with which our clinical education program works.

Elizabeth M. McCormick
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Professor of Law

Prof. McCormick joined the TU Law faculty in 2005, where she founded and directed the Immigrant Rights Project, a clinic in which law students represent clients in immigration matters until 2019. In 2008, McCormick was named director of clinical education programs at the College of Law and, in 2015, became the college’s inaugural associate dean for experiential learning. In addition to teaching students in the Immigrant Rights Project, McCormick also teaches immigration law, international refugee and asylum law, and professional responsibility. She currently serves as associate dean for academic affairs.

Roni Amit
Director, Terry West Civil Legal Clinic
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Prof. Amit joined TU Law in 2019 as an assistant clinical professor of law and director of the Terry West Civil Legal Clinic. After completing a PhD exploring the efficacy of international human rights law, she began focusing on the effects of the law in the lived realities of individuals across various issues, including migration and housing. Combining her research and legal background, she employs an interdisciplinary approach to rights advancement. Amit’s research, advocacy and teaching focus on access to justice and the rights of marginalized populations, both in the US and globally. She encourages students to unpack the concept of justice and engage critically with the legal system and their role within it. The Terry West Civil Legal Clinic adopts a holistic approach to lawyering that seeks to empower clients and address their intersecting legal needs. It also engages students to think about ways to advocate around systemic injustice both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Robin Sherman
Director, Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network

Sherman is the director of the Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network. She has been instrumental in the development of TU Law’s detention and border advocacy programs. In addition, Sherman has developed invaluable relationships with ICE officers and directors, furthering TU Law’s immigration programs’ role as the go-to organization, even for ICE as well as for local leaders and communities. She has supervised students and the TIRN fellow in numerous cases involving a variety of relief sought including asylum, VAWA, DACA, U visas and naturalization denial appeals.

Ambre Weston
TIRN Fellow

Weston is the current TIRN fellow. A Tulsa native and former public and private school teacher with over a decade of instructional experience, in Dec. 2020 Weston graduated with her juris doctorate from TU Law, where she developed a passion for helping those in need of immigration relief. Weston currently holds the position of legal fellow for the Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network.

Cynthia Yaschine
Coordinator, Legal Clinic

Cynthia Yaschine grew up in Mexico City and studied biology at UNAM. Prior to joining the legal clinic, Yaschine worked for over 10 years in biomedical research laboratories in Mexico, Germany and California. Yaschine has volunteered teaching adults to read and write in rural communities in Mexico and teaching science to bilingual students in San Francisco and in Tulsa. She first joined TU Law’s Legal Clinic as a Spanish-English interpreter and in 2012 joined the clinic staff on a full-time basis. Yaschine has interpreted for TU Law students and attorneys at detention centers and jails, and has also traveled to the border to assist with clinic work.

Genesis Garcia
Department Assistant, Legal Clinic

Garcia was born in Iowa but spent most of her childhood in Mexico. At age 4, she moved to Utah where she and her family spent a year before returning to Mexico. In 2005, at the age of 10, she moved to Tulsa with her family and has been here ever since. Garcia attended a bilingual school for her last year of elementary school and then moved on to Roman Catholic schools, such as San Miguel Middle School and Cascia Hall Preparatory School. Garcia attended The University of Tulsa for her bachelor’s degree in psychology, graduating in Dec. 2016. After graduating, she began working at TU Law’s legal clinic as a part-time Spanish-English interpreter and a couple of months later she became our full-time department assistant, along with her original role as interpreter.