About the Immigrant Rights Project - College of Law

About the Immigrant Rights Project

The Immigrant Rights Project (IRP) at The University of Tulsa College of Law is a one-semester, six-credit clinical education program in which law students represent non-citizens in immigration matters. Clients include persons seeking asylum in the United States as a result of persecution or fear of persecution in their home countries, as well as non-citizen victims of domestic violence and other crimes, unaccompanied non-citizen minors, or other non-citizens subject to removal and immigration detention.

Representation may occur in adversarial administrative hearings before immigration judges; in non-adversarial agency interviews; in appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals; or, as necessary, in appeals to the federal courts. This clinic is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. The IRP provides a combination of practical legal experience, theory, intensive training, and supervision not available in most traditional law school courses or legal jobs. The clinic also provides opportunities to engage in action, collaboration, reflection, and service that are immensely rewarding and frequently inspiring. It is also a cross-cultural experience. Students learn a great deal about their client’s country and face the challenges and rewards of overcoming the barriers to understanding posed by differences of language and culture.

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