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Solo Practice Clinic

The Solo Practice Clinic (“SPC”) is the student component to TLC, TU Law’s incubator program. SPC is an intensive, three credit, one-semester clinical education program. SPC is located in the new Oxley College of Health Sciences in downtown Tulsa with the TIRN and TLC programs.

SPC consists of a seminar and a live client component, providing students with the opportunity to develop both practice and business management skills. The seminar component is an intense version of the TLC curriculum. In the client component of the SPC, students assist TIRN lawyers and available TLC lawyers with legal representations.

SPC clinic students are required to prepare be a viable business plan for a solo or small firm law practice that incorporates the lessons of the semester. Through the SPC, students committed to solo or small firm practice upon graduation will have already obtained significant training, identified concrete solutions to obstacles to a successful practice, and be prepared to actually open a practice upon graduation and licensure. Students who successfully complete the SPC curriculum may join the TLC upon licensure and acceptance into the program and will be exempt from the TLC intensive six month training.

Enrollment in the SPC takes place yearly with the enrollment for TU Law’s Clinical Education Program, and is restricted to four students who have completed the Professional Responsibility course.

SPC students and TIRN, Spring 2017 Semester

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