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Know Your Rights: Employment Rights in Oklahoma


  • If you are not paid a salary, you should be paid every two weeks.
  • Minimum wage= $7.25/hour
  • Payment may be made through various methods such as direct deposit, paper check, a debit card, or cash.


  • Your workplace is required to be safe under the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • You shouldn’t be required to perform tasks that could get you hurt or sick.
  • To file a complaint go to:

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  • $7.25/hour
  • Minimum wage applies to training employees as well
  • Some job positions are exempt from this minimum wage rule. See the Department of Labor website,, for more information.


  • Oklahoma follows time and a half pay (one and a half times) an employee’s normal amount.
  • The minimum wage for overtime hours is $10.88/hour.


  • Oklahoma state tipping minimum wage is $2.13/hour.
  • Employers can pay this amount as long as the employee earns enough in tips to bring their total hourly wage to at leas the state minimum wage.
  • Tipped employees can be required to perform non-tipped tasks.


  • Prohibits employers from purposely paying women at a rate less than the rate at which it pays men for comparable work on jobs requiring comparable skill, effort, and responsibility.
  • Permissible based on: seniority, merit, or a system that measures earnings on any factor other than sex.

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  • Oklahoma restricts the hours worked by 14-15 years old minors but not 16-17 years old minors.
  • Break policies also differ based on age group. For instance, Oklahoma has mandatory break laws for youths under the age of 16.
  • Company policy dictates breaks and lunch periods for everyone age 16 years or older.


  • If the employer ends your employment, the employer has to pay the employee’s wages in full unless there is a disagreement on what wages are owed.
  • Payment should be made through regular payment channels or through mail.
  • Seek legal advice if you believe your former employer is withholding money owed to you.

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Tulsa Curfew and Teenage Work


  • The purpose of the curfew is to protect youths from dangers, to promote parental supervision and to reduce criminal activity and protect the public.


  • Applies to those under 18 years old.
  • Sunday-Thursday: 11pm-6am
  • Friday-Saturday: 12am-6am
  • Friends,18 and over, do not count as parental supervision.


  • Violation of curfew may result in a fine no more than $200 excluding costs.
  • You may also be subjected to community service.

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