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Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network

Pierre Robertson and other TU Law students volunteered on Constitution Day at Hawthorn Elementary School

Community support and skills development




3120 East 4th Place
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Operating within and as a part of the TU College of Law Legal Clinic, the Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network (TIRN) continues the work of the Immigrant Rights Project by providing direct service to Tulsa’s noncitizen population. TIRN is separately funded through a generous grant from the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

In addition to direct services, TIRN, often with the assistance of law clinic students, provides education on immigration law and process, as well as immigrants’ rights, to the community at large and to legal and nonlegal providers to the noncitizen population. TIRN also takes on advocacy projects that benefit the noncitizen community at large in the Tulsa area. The TIRN fellow is a recent law school graduate licensed to practice law.

TIRN operates downtown in the Oxley College of Health Sciences building, sharing space with the Hurricane Health Clinic and the University of Tulsa’s graduate program in psychology.

“I decided to volunteer with TIRN because I am always looking for opportunities to keep my Spanish language skills sharp and to actually help people in a meaningful way. Although many times the clients have harrowing and sad stories about their journey toward citizenship in the U.S., they are also incredibly inspiring and courageous. Helping out at TIRN usually leaves me feeling hopeful about the resiliency of the human spirit and inspired to use the practice of law to impact real people and seek justice for all.”  (Leslie Briggs, JD ’20)


TIRN on Que Buena radio station providing information on current immigration concerns.


TIRN with the Tulsa immigration advocacy meeting with United States Citizen and Immigration Services


TIRN accompanied volunteer TU law students and (TU-graduate) volunteer translator at the Karnes County Residential Center in Karnes City, TX – a family detention center where students provided legal services to detained women and children.