About the Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network - College of Law

About the Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network

Since May 2008, with the generous support of the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the legal clinic has provided expanded services to the Tulsa immigrant community through the Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network (TIRN).

TIRN is a service-oriented program designed to reach broadly to many members of the non-citizen community in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood, and beyond. TIRN complements the work of the Immigrant Rights Project, a clinical education program for second and third year students of TU College of Law, by focusing its efforts on three primary goals:

  1. Creating and training a network of local attorneys to provide pro bono representation to vulnerable immigrants;
  2. Educating the community, especially the immigrant community, on legal rights and immigration remedies; and
  3. Offering direct representation to immigrants, including those in removal proceedings, in the Kendall-Whittier and surrounding neighborhoods.

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