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Mentoring Program

The Professional Development Office partners with the Tulsa County Bar Association (TCBA) Mentoring Committee to match practicing legal professionals and 2L and 3L law students. It is designed to provide students with learning experiences in different areas of law and insight into the life of a practicing lawyer. The program also provides legal professionals the opportunity to guide and cultivate promising law students to the practice of law. The Professional Development Office pairs law students and legal professionals based upon information submitted in their applications. A law student may be matched with a legal professional based on practice setting, practice area, or geographic area of interest.

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Applicants are asked to participate in the Mentoring Program for one semester. Mentors and mentees will be provided a goal to meet in person at least four times per semester in settings such as a lunch meeting, a shadowing day, or a breakfast or coffee meeting, in addition to communicating by email and phone. The Professional Development Office hosts one reception each semester to appreciate mentors who have committed their time and to share information about the program with interested students and practitioners.

Mentoring Program Application (for Mentors)

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