On-Campus Interviews - College of Law

On-Campus Interviews

TU Law invites employers to participate in the On-Campus Interview Program (OCI) every fall and spring. The Professional Development Office encourages employers to visit campus to interview exceptional law students for summer, part-time, or full-time associate attorney positions. The PDO encourages employers to consider first- and second-year TU Law students for summer or other part-time internships and third-year students for post-graduate positions.

The PDO accommodates employers who are interested in interviewing students outside of the OCI session dates. To arrange a custom interview session, receive more information, or to participate in our upcoming OCI program, please email tulaw-pdo@utulsa.edu or call 918-631-2430.

Employers may also submit a job posting online or register and post open positions directly on Compass, the TU Law jobs platform.