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KIPP students learn about careers in law

The University of Tulsa College of Law (TU Law) welcomed KIPP eighth grade students, three KIPP volunteer staff, and KIPP’s Dean of Students to its campus to participate in the Judge Carlos Chappelle Pathway to Law Academy on Friday, March 30, 2018.

“Pathway presents students with an overview of how to get to law school and to a legal career from where they are currently in middle school. A key component of the day’s events is a panel discussion including legal professionals, law students, college students, and college admission counselors. This allows the students to hear the different perspectives of what is beyond middle school and what it takes to get to a legal career,” said Eruore Oboh, admissions counselor and diversity outreach coordinator for TU Law.

The program began with inspiring messages from Lyn Entzeroth, TU Law dean and Danny Williams Sr., a Partner at Conner & Winters law firm and the nephew of Carlos Chappelle for whom the event is named. The program also included a tour of the TU campus, lunch with local legal professionals in the President’s Suite at the Reynold’s Center, and an interactive lesson on mock negotiation and on the Socratic method.

This year’s Pathway volunteers included:


  • Lyn Entzeroth, Dean, University of Tulsa College of Law
  • Danny Williams, Partner, Conner & Winters, LLP
  • Lorena Rivas, Attorney, Fry & Elder
  • Jacqueline Caldwell, Vice President Office of Diversity and Engagement, Director of Presidential Scholars Program, The University of Tulsa
  • Rachel Gusman, Attorney, Graves McLain PLLC
  • Kevinn Mathews, Attorney, WPX Energy, Inc.
  • Christy M. Caves, Associate Dean, Director of Professional Development, University of Tulsa College of Law

Law Students

  • Violet Rush
  • Cordal Cephas
  • Jazzmin Wilson
  • Janay Clougherty
  • Morgan Smith
  • Justice Andrews
  • MaryJoy Chuba
  • Robert McClendon
  • Leland Ashley
  • Daniel Gibson

Undergraduate Volunteers

  • Matthew Cecconi, Admissions Counselor, University of Tulsa
  • Maya Dunlap, TU Student

The Honorable Judge Carlos Chappelle, who was the presiding judge for the 14th District Court in Tulsa County and was the first African American to hold this position.

Tulsa-area high school students learn about legal careers at TU

More than 30 Tulsa-area high school students participated in The University of Tulsa College of Law’s Judge Carlos Chappelle Minority Law Awareness Day (MLAD) in February 2018. Sponsored by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) as part of its Diversity Matters Initiative, the annual event provides students with the opportunity to meet with and learn from legal professionals and TU Law students.

“MLAD offers high school students a chance to experience what it is like to be on a law school campus, mingle with legal professionals, visit with a judge and tour a law firm,” said Eruore Oboh, admission counselor and diversity outreach coordinator for the TU College of Law. “The day is organized to showcase, in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, the journey of a legal professional from education all the way to judgeship. MLAD is also a chance for the law school  to connect with local high school students and foster relationships so they may look to us for  resources to begin and thrive in the field of law.”

Law Professor Johnny Parker began the day with opening remarks. The students were then treated to a presentation by TU Law alumna and immigration attorney with Fry & Elder, Lorena Rivas. Rivas is dedicated to helping minority teens overcome personal and societal obstacles that may get in the way of pursuing educational and employment goals. As a first-generation American whose parents emigrated from Mexico, Rivas has worked to serve and represent her Latino community and family as a community leader and role model.

Students also participated in a mock negotiation conducted by TU Law’s Black Law Student Association, toured the Tulsa County Courthouse meeting with Judge Sharon Holmes and shared lunch with legal professionals in TU’s Allen Chapman Student Union Great Hall.

Participating schools included Booker T. Washington High School, McLain High School for Science and Technology and Union High School.

2018 MLAD volunteers included law students and the following:


  • Andrea Kulsrud, manager of contract administration and negotiation, ONEOK
  • Christine Umeh, attorney, Still She Rises in Tulsa
  • Christy Caves, associate dean and director of TU Law’s Professional Development Dept.
  • Elizabeth McCormick, TU law professor and director of the Immigrant Rights Project
  • Jacqueline Higgs Caldwell, vice president for diversity and engagement and director of the TU Presidential Scholars Program
  • Kaushiki Chowdhury, attorney, Still She Rises in Tulsa
  • Kevinn Matthews, attorney for health and safety at WPX Energy
  • Mimi Marton, TU law professor and director of TU’s Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network
  • Rachel E. Gusman, junior partner with Graves McLain


  • Aisosa Arhunmwunde, 2L
  • Cordal Cephas, 2L
  • Courtney Nelbach, 3L
  • Janay Clougherty, 3L
  • Jazzmin Wilson, 2L
  • Jose Gonzalez, 2L
  • Lashandra Peoples-Johnson, 2L
  • MaryJoy Chuba, 1/2L
  • Pierre Robertson, 1L
  • Robert McClendon, 2L
  • Sofia Miranda, 1L
  • Stephanie Jackson, 3L

High School Counselors and Administrators:

  • Amber Meadors-Fouda, business and technology instructor, McLain High School
    Amanda Howell, Union Career Connect
  • Angela Jones, counselor, Booker T. Washington High School
  • Darick C. Morton, dean of students, McLain High School
  • Shelley Kerr, counseling secretary, Booker T. Washington

The event is named for The Honorable Judge Carlos Chappelle who was the presiding judge for the 14th District Court in Tulsa County and was the first African American to hold this position.

TU Law shares LSAC’s commitment to increasing diversity in the legal profession by providing guidance and encouragement to high school students in hopes that they will consider attending law school and pursue a career in law.

TU Law’s next event is The Judge Carlos Chappelle Pathway to Law Academy scheduled for Friday, March 30, 2018.