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TU Law graduate serves immigrant community

University of Tulsa College of Law alumna Rebekah L. Guthrie-Frisby is serving Tulsa’s immigrant community by quelling fears and filing for legal documentation of citizenship.

In a Tulsa Business & Legal News article, Guthrie-Frisby said, “Part of my role as a private attorney is to control rumors and fears that cause people to panic. Things have calmed down a little since President Donald Trump has taken office because there hasn’t been much action yet from the administration.”

Guthrie-Frisby went on to say that many immigrants sat back for several years because of costs but are now petitioning for qualified family members who are coming into the U.S. or already here. They are eager to have documents filed. In fact, Guthrie-Frisby hired additional staff to help with the workload.

During her time at TU, Guthrie-Frisby worked at the College of Law’s Boesche Legal Clinic to help Burmese refugees fleeing their country. It is her hope that, “Trump eventually would surround himself with people knowledgeable about immigration, and courts would uphold the law regarding the Constitution and immigrant rights.”

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