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TU Law moot court is now in session

A courtroom is an intense and intimidating environment for everyone involved. For lawyers, the weight of the world seems to rest on their shoulders as they represent their clients knowing the outcome will impact their lives. For law school students, preparing for such a courageous and challenging career takes years of study, but one opportunity takes the student out of the classroom and puts them into a courtroom environment to be litigators for a day.

Moot court presents this intense learning opportunity, and it’s one in which many law students yearn to be a part. Moot court is a mock trial mixed with real-life attorneys and judges in a courtroom setting. The professionals provide feedback to the students, which is an invaluable part of the process.

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It’s no easy task to participate on a law school’s moot court team. Students compete for their spots and are chosen based on the professor’s recommendations. The benefits of being a part of this real-life trial experience is something many students say is the ultimate learning tool in their law school journeys.

Moot court allows aspiring lawyers to discover their strengths – and weaknesses. It teaches students how to interact with a judge, their clients and the opposition. It also gives students a look at themselves; they can evaluate their mannerisms and their ability to deliver clear, common sense arguments. They improve their public speaking, time management and overall self-confidence in the courtroom.

For many students, moot court is the hardest, yet most rewarding component of law school. The adrenaline of arguing a case that you believe in and have gathered so much content to ensure success. … The thrill of speaking passionately as you defend the case. … Real-life situations without the accountability of someone’s life being on the line. … That is what moot court is all about: the pivotal moment for law school students that makes them realize this is truly what they want to do.